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Like no other brand of guitar amp, Hughes & Kettner pairs sounds that stir the soul with unprecedented designs that fire the imagination. Utility, versatility, and sheer enjoyability all come together to create inspiring instruments for today’s discriminating guitarists. But innovation is not an end in itself. It is merely the means to make guitarists’ dream of stellar tone at home, on stage, and in any recording situation come true.

Since 1984, Hughes & Kettner has rocked the amp market with designs that push deep new frontiers. Witness the world’s first fully-programmable amp (AS 64), the first fully tube-driven recording amp (Cream Machine), the first hybrid tube amp (ATS 100), the standard for live DI boxes (Red Box), the six-channel tube amp TriAmp, and the fully programmable Coreblade with a maintenance-free TSC power amp. These are just a few of the many milestones that earned our brand the reputation for being the industry's driving force in innovation.

Today people around the globe recognize the name Hughes & Kettner for what it is – a mark of excellence in advanced tube amps and a seal of quality for superior tone, smart handling, and extraordinary reliability. Artists and their technicians worldwide trust in our equipment. And that confidence validates the philosophy we have embraced for over a quarter of a century:

Ultimate Tone - Ultimate Versatility - Engineered in Germany