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Music & Sales, the Stamer Group’s distribution and marketing organization

The world has changed since our company's inception in 1987, but our mission has remained the same: Everything we do is done to deliver superior products that satisfy our customers’ demands and support our partners. Our brands’ global presence and appeal is a tribute to the commitment and dedication of 70 wholesalers in more than 60 countries. Joining forces with our Support team, they help retailers in their sales regions market our products effectively and provide superior application and technical support to customers.

Every day a crew of more than 70 sales, marketing, customer support, technical service and logistics experts give their very best to achieve our most important objective - our customers’ satisfaction!
Lounging with LUCAS NANO 600 in Beirut
 A stylish new rooftop lounge in bustling Beirut found a creative way to overcome city center sound spillage problems: a PA built up of six ...

HK Audio powers a world record-breaking orchestra at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena
A vast HK Audio COHEDRA system helped power the biggest orchestra ever assembled to a new world record at Frankfurt’s Wir Fuellen Das Stadion ...

HK Audio powers mammoth stadium summer of events in Frankfurt arena
HK Audio is set to power a huge month-long extravaganza of events at Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena this summer, culminating in a world ...

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